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Proven experience

Studies and Projects

  • Hydraulic works;
  • Works of Art and Special Works;
  • Communication routes and infrastructures;

The best decisions

Supervision and Coordination

  • Quality control;
  • Time Control;
  • Cost Control;
  • Administrative Control;
  • Environmental Control.

With our professionals

Project Management

  • General Advice and Consultancy to the Project Owner;
  • Project Coordination;
  • Coordination of Works;
  • General Coordination and Inspection;
  • Technical opinions;
  • Surveys and Receptions.

Rigor and Experience

Management of Contracts for Contracts

  • Activity schedules;
  • Advertisements, Specifications, Tender Programs, Project Measurement;
  • Prequalification of Contractors;
  • Organization of Contrators;
  • Clarifications to Contractors;
  • Comparative analysis and evaluation of proposals;
  • Assistance to the Project Owner in negotiation procedures with competitors.

Safety first

Health and Safety Coordination

  • Health and Safety Plans;
  • Construction Safety systems and control;
  • Security Procedures;
  • Control of Security Conditions;
  • Construction Quality Management;
  • General Plan for Quality Assurance – LNEC Quality Mark (Decree-Law No. 310/90 of 1 October).

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